Thursday, January 13, 2011

Jackie Chan Adventures- Season 1

Opening episodes normally have either slow, rocky, boring, or non-thrilling sequences.  Though, Ep. 1 and 2, interconnected, grab you immediately.  Especially since we get introduced to most of the main characters.  It's amazing that 7-10 characters are usually played per episode, and with good to funny lines.  Of course, I would have considered this an adults show if that little brat Jade, would have stayed quiet throughout.  I don't like kids on tv.  Her voice is played well but she is just annoying.  Capn Black is your ordinary secret agent.  The Dark Hand organization leader Valmont is very fitting.  Sad he doesn't have very good henchman, especially if he is sad to be wealthy.  The demon sorcerer, Shendu, his talismans, and the Shadowkhan are very interesting and creative.  

A neat extra feature was the mini-interviews with Jackie Chan himself.  Not that great, but adds a little variety.  13 episodes, with nothing off track makes this first season strong.  Lots of action and comedy, to keep you hooked. Any scenes with Uncle or Shendu are what I repeat the most.

Initially, I thought there was only a few dvd's containing the episodes, but now I see that the whole season is on one dvd.  Yet I can't find it.  Though now with digital media, you can get through the Netflix subscriptions.  The clearest version you can find on youtube is from Crackle.  They have up to season three, but have those annoying mandatory commercials.

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