Friday, January 14, 2011

お祭り前日の夜- O-Matsuri Zenjitsu no Yoru 1987, Kajishima's First

 Yes, Kajishima junkies, he had a life before Tenchi Muyo.  And he's certainly had a life since.  A life in hiding.  Thanks to Jen, a discontinued Tenchi site owner, I found his picture.  I will show that picture of our little coward another time.  For now, I will discuss his first big work before Tenchi.  Gone by the title he uses often.

I believe that Kajishima has done the story telling.  He could have done the art as well.  He used the same style in one of his later doujins.  I do like the whole book, but these scans are from the Kamidake Onsen CD-ROM 2005.  I have found an auction site where one guy has it posted for 100,000 yen.  Been posted for months.  Good luck to him.

 There are plenty of places to learn the story of K-sensei.  I find the interviews at AIC's website, to be full of good information. Unfortunately, I can't find any information on the other people involved in this publication.  In the image below, are the credits.  This is during Kajishima's start at AIC.  He was an inbetweener for his favorite, Rhea Gall Force, as well as for Sol Bianca.  He does have the sketches for Puttsun Make Love, as he was the animation director and character designer.  Knowing what he's been working on, gives you insight as to what he inputs in his creations.  I've seen Sol Bianca, but I look forward to viewing Gall Force. 

I only posted four of forty pages.  I wanted to get the important stuff out.  If I get enough push, I will post the meat of the book. First half deals with the story, then mecha designs, than Putsun Make Love sketches, and comic style story.  It's a really good doujin.  This answers astronerdboy's question as to why he chose the doujin route.  Most of my information comes from him and 

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