Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Vision of Escaflowne- Ep. 1

I am a very picky person, and rarely accept things out of my liking.  I was at the library and saw the whole series on DVD and decided to give it a try.  Opening Menu sounded like a church, Gregorian style, chanting the title, how lame.  That is Yoko Kanno and Mizoguchi.  I've tried some of Kanno's work, but her music is too aural or breezy.  So far, I hear the music but I still can't notice it. 
 Nice poster.  Cels are a little too shiny.  Just click to get original size. 

I am not a fan of robots or alternate worlds.  Those are some of the reasons it kept me away.  It's also a rip of El Hazard, which I will get to reviewing soon.  The  first half of the show bored me, as do most openings do.  Most openings in many series, start off at school.  El Hazard does, Tenchi does, Takegami does.  We in America have no idea what school is.  It's always incoporated on tv in Japan. 
So after the halfway mark, Vaughn, appears on Earth, which is where the action begins, following the dragon that is appearing from a dimensional.  I found it odd how the dragon was crossing worlds.  It is neatly designed.  It looks like a frog from the chest. 

That is the first time I've seen a shield come out like that.  It was really neat.  The dragon gives chase well.  Thanks to Hitomi's vision, she saves the warrior, and is able to slay the beast.  He pulls out its energy source I guess and it rots away. 

Vaughn came out almost unthankful, and Hitomi was deeply hurt by his arrogance.  I didn't like how that offense was handled.  He was snobby, and the girl was a baby.  The character interaction is just too typical.  After that, Vahgn and Hitomi are transported, ending ep. 1.

Not too much for me to draw on.  This only episode one.  I'll watch a couple more before I decide to discontinue.

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