Monday, January 21, 2013

Fire Emblem: Awakening Demo

Fire Emblem Awakening (Demo Version)

Nintendo has finally awakened to advertise one of their most elusive franchises.  The slew of advertisement is very encouraging.  In fact, I don't think they have done one since Fire Emblem's debut in the U.S.  No matter how bad the game feels to me without its original creator, I will still be buying them.  The big N has done more than just bring it to other territories, but they really put more investments with the title.  There probably is more advertisement than the Metroid series games. 

I am happy that the latest has eventually been given the chance to go outside home territory, the previous installment, Heroes of Shadows and Light, did not even get bothered with.  Especially, given at the time of Heroes release, most RPG's weren't going to be published in America.  Now, most of those games such as, The Last Story and Xenosaga have eventually made it out, thanks to the movement known as Project Rainfall.  In which, Nintendo officially replied the consumers outcry to have an American release, simply by saying "NO!".  Instead, NoNintendo gave us Kirby, but at least now they seem to be becoming like Yes Man.

Since the announcement of Awakenings release, I was relieved and actually less enthused by it.  Though given that all this hype and showcasing all around, I decided to download the demo on my handheld after vacuuming the dust filled box of the 3DS that I have barely opened. 

The demo only contains Prologue and Chp.1 with many features blocked off.  What is the point of showing the options on creating an avatar if they cant be used...?  Most of the in-game play features are usable in Hard and Insane.  Normal and Hard mode are fairly simple, with the latter should take be taking some precaution.  I could barely get passed the second turn in Insane mode.  This makes the game more worthy, and I can practice before the real deal arrives.  

 SPOILERS!!! Given that Marth's identity has been revealed.  They didn't do such a good job of covering up that he is a she.  The voice actress may have deepened her voice, but it is still too obvious that she was trying to cover up.  Just her speaking defeats the purpose of the mask. 

Story wise it felt too much like The Blazing Sword with the details about the world thrown at the player.  The avatar asks what something is so that we can learn, isn't the best way to present the situation.  In the second chapter, I don't know why Marth wasn't available to play as, since "he" is capable of fighting. 

It was nice to here the voice, but why only place few standard lines when they could have the entire script read to us.  Either have voices for all or none.  I am not too fond of the graphics, especially at the characters feet.  They look like they are planted underground and their legs don't move.  Lots of changes in that department need to be made. 

Nintendo has pushed the investments further by bringing the bundled package to us here.  The only difference is that there is no physical game, but it is already programmed on the device.  On the Nintendo's Facebook page, they are doing regular spotlights on the characters of the game.  Also, there is, for the first time, an art booklet for this franchise.  So far only Gamestop is providing.  I am looking forward to these.  The only thing I wish, was the bundle to be an XL version, since I do prefer it better than the clunky fat original.