Saturday, January 15, 2011

Fire Emblem: Thracia 776-Blow'in in the Wind Single

Very rarely do video games have CD soundtracks, and even fewer do have songs, and even far fewer CD singles.  I find no use for CDS's.  For franchises, singers, animations, etc, that barely make any songs, is where they are needed.  This is one of those rare cases. I don't like to have media divided in so many different formats.  
Koh Ohtani helps arrange these unique songs, with our veteran composer, Yuka Tsujiyoko.  Ohtani adds his jazzy style, yet Tsujiyoko manages to keep the songs magically entrancing.  Blow'in in the Wind(odd how they spelled Blowing) fits nicely into the Fire Emblem series.  I understand that these were used for the BS satelite game.  Which was taken in place with the Akaneia saga.  Funny, how these songs made out two years after the fact. I like the middle of the song with the jazzy sounds and synth piano. 
Wind rocks, with a nice rock guitar.  I'm glad that the lyrics are done by our beloved composer.  It works wonderfully with the vocalist, Juliana Schano.  Nothing annoying about her voice thankfully.  She is pictured on the back.  She sings every note perfectly.  Even the high notes, which is where people tend to mess up.
For this CDS, it is necessary to have it.  If you are looking for karaoke versions.  I like the cover art, done by Miyumi Hirota.  It's the only place you can see it, as far as I can tell.  Problem is, that only the one song has karaoke.  You can find both songs on the games original soundtracks. So the only thing of value is the karaoke and the images. Both songs, beautifully arranged, all thanks to Yuka. Good luck finding this, and you will be paying a hefty price. 

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