Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki-Ryoko's Ressurection

LD Jacket design.

I was going to do like astronerdboy and review by sets, but I decided for the first OAV I would flesh out some points about the production.
OK, then.  A little introduction, this was first released in Aug. of 1992.  Hayashi Hiroki and Masaki Kajishima started the rough drafts and hired Naoko Hasegawa to bring it together.  In this episode, we see Tenchi's curiousness get the better of him, thanks to his grandfathers influence.  The influence brought Tenchi to do what he was told not to.  Though aren't we glad that he didn't listen. 

English voice cast is excellent.  It's not cheesy at all.  Of course, I would like to give a tribute to Petrea Burchard, whom played Ryoko very well, better than Ai Orikasa, the seiyuu(japanese cast). 
 What draws me most is the magnificent artwork, animation, and music.  The opening music is very fitting.  Music is just hard to miss.  For this episode, it felt more like sound effects, to portray the oni(demon) in the cave. 
The blade in the legend really attracted me.  I can't find a picture of it and I don't know how to do a screen capture.  Even cooler is the sword Tenchi pulls.  The powers that Ryoko poses are new and fresh.  The laser swords come out much better than in Star Wars.  The fight between Tenchi and Ryoko beats all Star Wars movies.  The animation was very fluid. 

 Another thing that sets it from other anime is the script.  I believe thats Hayashi and Hasegawa.  They make character interaction real.  We get in Tenchi's head plenty of times.  Lines didn't get dull. 

                                                                      Ryoko, Sex on the Beach.
 This is a reason I am seperating my reviews.  Tenchi has a lot of extra material and I want to share them with you.
 Masaki Kajishima and AIC's finish work at their prime.
I like that the episode ends with a "To Be Continued" mark.  It doesn't happen all throughout series.  I don't like when each episode begins like nothing happened before, which does happen alot.  Like on sitcoms, the main character was hurt badly in the last episode, almost handicapped, and moving like a monkey in the next.
 This is from Hitoshi Okuda
 This is a rare cel.

Santa Vixen

 Ryoko's a Beach-hog.
So a great episode.  Swords, music, action, blasting, the words, the feelings, all filled it up.  Enjoy the images.
Show off.

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