Friday, January 21, 2011

I'm also a busy body!!!!

Busy and getting little to none done.  I will have a post for everyday, which means I'm cheating.  How is that?  Well, under post options, we bloggers are allowed to choose the time of post.  Meaning, there could be no updates from me in month, then the next day, you see it all filled up.  That's because I have school in the morning and work at night.  This blog is the new and few moments of "me-time" which is also for someone other than me. 

I started to write on a lot of stuff.  At this point there is, Tenchi, Agga Ruter, Escaflowne, various cds, Fall of Eagles, the syrian comedies, Kajishima doujin, and games.   But, there is still more I have to put out there.  Besides just giving you my personal feelings about the various products, what else can I do that you would like to see?  I've started Escaflowne, I'm liking, but I'm still not putting it in my collection.  Give me a new title that you think I might like, for me to view and review.  I'm open to suggestions, so there isn't something on this blog about what I like. 

Regardless, I've already picked a new category.  Every month I will post thorough biography about a person and why he/she inspires me.  I call it "Person of the Month"!  Now this is not a program to brag about my idols, but merely extracting people from their work.  Japanese persons will mostly be the ones I'll be extracting information on, because they are very private people.  Whereas, Americans are, "here I am, look at me, nothing would have been done without me, blah, blah..."  So there won't be much work/search on them, and there is not many to choose from.  These specific persons is not my way of picking favorites.  I don't favortize people.  PotM is an editorial to bring out my views on the persons history, bad and good.
Looking forward to reactions and feedback.  I know at this point, what with 30 views, it's a deadzone here.  Though thats more than a click from somebody a day.  I'm looking to get 1000 view by the end of the year.  Meanwhile, enjoy some rare tenchi images below and above.
This and the one straight above are from one of many doujins.  I like the artist on for this one.  Very OAV like, especially since we don't see Kiyone with a tie.

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