Saturday, January 8, 2011

Spaceship Agga Ruter- ep. 1 Trouble Maker

I had a chance to get all four episodes back before I turned 18, but damn clerk wouldn't budge.  They were available, just until before my 18th b-day.  I was so bummed.  Last year I was lucky to find ep. 4 dvd and I loved it.  Just last week I obtained both of Kajishima's rare Hentai dvd's on ebay.  For a reasonable price of one episode.  I love the cover, it is epic.  Now on to the review.
First of all, your going to get into this knowing that your going to get freaked out.  I read all the warnings of the freakish sex relationships.  Opening started out like I thought, but I was still freaked out, even though I thought I was ready for the expected.  I don't know if Taiyo, is actually penetrating "his mother" Kei.  It looks more like foreplay.  It was neat to see the arrows, teaching Taiyo the points of feeling.  Whether or not that it's for visual or part of Kei's abilities, is not said.
 Then our pirate, Janis, comes in to capture them, during the pairs intercourse.  I won't spoil the show much for you, because I want you to want it.  I will mainly tell some points, and then the technical aspects that is attractive.  Such as, how this was done like on a real set.  Janis talks to the main villian, Shiunk, on the intercom through the cup on a wire.  Which is hysterical.  Janis' crew is comprised of robots and provide a little extra comedy.  While Taiyo woos Janis, the robots are also seen making love.
 I really do like the character designs.  Kei is the most interesting.  We get a lot of details on all the characters, but Kei is most often cut off from explaining.  Kei is obviously not human, at least not naturally.  Her expression is always the same.  Whether she's smiling, having an orgasm, mad, etc, her eyes will always be slim like the chinese.  She hasdwierd green pieces floating around her head and her hair is extended and becomes like a computer connection.

The animation is as beautiful as Tenchi Muyo.  Ship designs are not your norm, but again not as great as Atsushi Takeuchi, the design artist for Tenchi.  I like the Agga Ruter, but we don't get any info on it.  I like the music that plays for Kei and the Agga Ruter, it's mysterious. 


Expect to be annoyed by the voices.  There is no talent at anime 18 productions.  It's the same quality voice you get from a kindergarten teacher to the kids.  Yet this is dealing with sex, which I call this logic absolutely contradictory.  Some of the voices actually fit.  Like Kei's is perfect for her cool and knowledgeable personality.  She never gets that annoying high picth anime voice, like Janis' voice does.  Shiunk V.A. plays his part well.  Same with Taiyo, he gets that oblivious and dumbfound sound that Taiyo is. 

A great start for the series.  Never a dull moment, if you can get past the distastful voice.  Still it's not bad quality.  There is lots of good info on K-sensei's universe.  Lots of hijinks, which is a plus, yet for some reason it feels short.  The whole episode is fun, and when it ends, I feel like it didn't start.  

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