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Fire Emblem- Path of Radiance Prologue-Ch.5

This will be fun.  I will be reviewing the script to the game.  The game has been reviewed already, but now I want to talk about the story.  Thanks to I can read the script without actually going through the hassle of uploading the disc into my wii.  Which would have me getting a vaccum cleaner in order to remove all the dust.  Serenes forest has uploaded up till Chp. 9, but I do have a file for Ch. 10.  Though it won't be a while before I review it. Anyway, don't read this post for there are SPOILERS!!!!!! 

Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance PicturePrologue:Mercenaries- is just your typical story setter.  Characters are introduced.  Not much information to gain.  There are no lines for me to grab, but after the training sequence, we see the story begin.  Moving on.

Ch. 1:The Battle Begins- I actually like the opening scene.  Characters are firm, such as, Greil and Titania, while Ike and others are getting into shape.  A bunch more yak-yak, but important thing said here is by Titania.  She was cut off from giving us info on Ike's father.  Next chapter.
Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance Picture
Ch. 2: Rescue- More typical plots.  Kids get stolen and the bandits run amuck.  This is the first time the Goddess has been mentioned.  Although, nothing else is relative at this point. 

Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance PictureCh. 3: Pirates Aground- More useless text.  Nasir first appears here, watching.  Didn't catch that through the game.  Marcia comes in looking for her troublesome brother.  Titinia mentions Greil out in other matters, sounds like he's a politician.  The mayor of the town our mercenaries save, says that they belong in higher affairs, like the Crimean army.  The gang agrees in more or less rebellious thoughts, especially Shinon and Gatrie.  Things are starting to pick up.

Ch. 4 Roadside Battle- A note about Soren, he has been with another mercenary group.  It might be important later.  Crimea and Daein have begun warring.  Soren just got in and already giving most of the story details.  The two countries above have never been friendly.  Daein's king is treacherous.  Crimea's kings brother sent out the army to defend.  Soren leaves them, to come tell the tale.  The Greil Mercenaries may be for hire, but this affects them.  Since they are mainly hired by the Royal Crimeans, it is in their best interest to aid them. 
Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance PictureSoren lays it down harsh, but he's right.  No pay, no play.  He already expects Crimea to have lost.  Titania gives us the linneage of Crimea.  King Ramon and his brother Duke Renning.  Soren gives us Daein's King, Ashnard.  Saying that Daein is just superior. 
Greil puts Ike in charge for the scouting of Crimea's capital, Melior.  Shinon is in rebellion about it, but is silenced.  Before they leave, Mist gives Ike the Regal Blade, from their father.  Then he has leadership issues, and a talk with Rhys. 
On the trail to Melior, they spot fallen Daien soldiers, possibly from one of the Imperial Guards.  Soren brings it down from not King Ramon nor his brother.  For Renning needs to lead the last standing soldier.  Someone else in the court, could have run over the Daiens.  The investigation is interrupted with Daien soldiers surrounding them.  When Titinia faces the boss, she mentions she left the Crimean army years before.  After the skirmish, they find a women, named Elincia.  Soren wanted to leave her their. 

Ch. 5 Flight-Elincia wakes up.  Yay!  Yada yada, yada... They go through introductions.  Somehow they get done with greetings and on with the plot.  Greil asks her if she has any ties with the royal family, since she was found on the site of the battle, but no reply.  She then blurts out, her name and lineage as the daughter of King Ramon, Elincia Ridell Crimea.  The only shocker to Greil is that he didn't know Ramon had children.  Though it is true that she has been kept secret, to keep from a blood feud.  She then tells us that her parents are dead, and her uncle is still fighting Daien.  Her parents were slain by Ashnard.  She fled, or was heading to Gallia on his orders.  Galia's king Caineghis would provide safety.  Each house was told of her existence for such a circumstance.  Elincia lays out her request to be escorted to Galia.  Titinia is reminiscing, and Ike asks if its from the days as a Crimean knight.  She asks him how he knew that. She remembers Elincia baring resemblance to the king and queen.  What confirms that she is the princess, is Daein troops outside demanding her.  So the group chooses to take her, for the heightening of their name.  Greil sends Titania, Gatrie, and Shinon to survey the road for advances of the enemy, while he and Rhys clean the library of important documents.  The rest burns.  Elincia helps pack and opens up even more.  She has learned all forms of manner in hiding, such as, cleaning, cooking, swordplay.  Interesting details.  Mist shows her the medallion.  It used to be her mother's.  There is a light emanating from it.  Mist tells that it only starting glowing a while back.  Possibly, before Daein's invasion. 
Meanwhile, the enemy is predicting Elincia's movement.  Petrine, the fiery general, and Ena, an advisor of some sort, pinpoint her heading to Gallia.  Petrine plans to capture Elincia herself. 

Ok, I think that is enough for today.  I'm sorry I don't have any scans available.  I wasn't even playing.  This script was provided by  It's not complete.  Next week I will finish what they got.  I didn't think that soon in the chapters would I be getting plot to write about.  Hope this was organized for you.

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