Friday, March 4, 2011

Fire Emblem- Path of Radiance Ch. 6&7

Since there is not much left at and I'm too lazy to go through the game, I might as well just finish what is available.  Shall we get through this...

Ch. 6: A Brief Diversion- This chapter begins with the world view and narration.  The first thing pointed out is that the continent of Tellius is blessed by the goddess.  Again, nothing more then just blessings from our omnipotent character.  Also informing us on Gallia, a home to the half-man/beast.  Crimea has been friendly in helping in decreasing the prejudice between the races.  Which makes Elincia's quest more believable. 

Opening scene has our heroes in the humid forest, discussing the ugly beast of Gallia.  Ike is oblivious to the racism.  Soren and Shinon explain the different races.  Soren provides the proper term for the sub-humans, called Laguz. 

Meanwhile, at the enemies group, Petrine is happy to get confirmation of Ena's prediction.  Petrine says that her demotion as a tactician was by a little girl.  I'm confused by that reference. They plan to catch the prey.

In the forest, the mercenaries discuss their best plan of action against their pursuers.  Soren, their tactician, is very keen.  Splitting from the main group, the fighters will hold of the attack, and the rest carry the princess to Gallia.  Gatrie, Shinon, and Greil are the fighters.  After the split, they find Soren's prediction correct, as the enemy was waiting for them.  Elincia wants to lend her sword, but Ike denies her help. 

The gang make it across the borders, but Ike and main force leave Elincia, Mist, and Rolf to head the palace.  Elincia hands Rhys a mend staff.  Soren believes it best to go back east on the bridge again to aid the others. 

Not much information to gather in this chapter.  I completed an actual summary of it's events though.  Disappointing.

Ch. 7:Shades of Evil- Titania leads the group to an abandoned castle where she thought she'd seen a figure.  It turned out to be Daein soldiers.  Mia, a swordfighter hired into the Crimean ranks, looks for and finds Ike.  Greil saved her from going to the Daein prison camps.  Petrine, of the Four Riders, comes in surprised the mercenaries are holding.  Surprised even further to find that the princess has made it past her troops.  Greil comes in to talk smack at Petrine.  Greil takes Petrine out for battle, while her troops block off the mercenaries.

After the battle, the Greil Mercenaries find Greil to be tiring Petrine.  Then more reinforcements come to Petrine's aid.  As she orders her soldiers to attack, Gallian beasts quickly dispatches the Daein forces.  Petrine refuses to back down, for fear of the king.  The Black Knight comes in to relieve her.  Then there is stare down, specifically at Greil, and the knight walks out.  Elincia came along with the Gallians, as she requested them to aid Ike.  Ike uses the racist term and Ranulf fights back.  Ike apologizes for the wrong term and Ranulf pauses in shock from Ike's manners.  Ranulf tells the group that Daein has conquered Crimea.  They quickly get along and exchange pleasantries.  They plan to take the princess to see the king of Galia, but the mercenaries head to an old fortress there for Ranulf can't take in too many foreigners.

That night, Ike catches his father leaving.  They have a long chat about the mercenary life, Ike's mother, yada-yada.  Then Greil orders Ike to go back to the castle and we get our first Fire Emblem cinematics.  Greil vs. the Black Knight.  Duh-da-da-da-duh-dum...!!!!
So, General Gawain, former Four Rider, is Greil, and he wielded swords.  A lot of development in a few sentences.  Greil, in his dying words, says he won't say no more than he threw "it" away.  Gotta love these terrible plot devices.  The movie itself killed me with those cheap lines.  At least, the cel shaded graphics were rendered quite beautifully.  Voice work is rather nice, of course, nothing fascinating is offered.  The Black Knight sounds like a robot, a gay robot at that.  "Ssssssooo... You ttthhhhhhhinkk you can fffffight.?"

The king of beasts shows to stop the knights threats against Greils children.  I don't know if the Black Knight is faking his fear of him.  The knight retreats, and Ike carries him in the rain back to the castle.  Greil mumbles to Ike to forget about revenge and to go with the king, and dies.  Sniff....

Okay, so there are some good details in that last chapter.  Sorry I couldn't get any pictures in.  You'll be seeing the game text, but at least you wouldn't be just seeing my text.  At least there is a cheesy movie included for the last part.  Next chapter is going to be a long one. 

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