Tuesday, February 15, 2011

City Hunter Original Special CD- #2 Bay City Wars, #3 Plot of $1,000,000

Since I liked the songs from the Dramatic Hunter cd that I reviewed last month, I went and bought me this.  This was the only cheapest one available with an obi.  As soon as it arrived, I just popped it in.  I actually listened to it all the way through, while working out.  Opening song was engineered rather nicely.  Then the following instrumentals carried me through the work out.  Anyway, I was only turned away by the jazzy/blues theme of the music.  I did like the rock orientation with it, but was used in a romantic way that I didn't like.  Still, this CD is worth a look.

While the cover does say its from the motion picture, I don't see how that is so.  This album seems more like an arranged or cover production.  Even seems more like music videos.  Instrumentals are done by Tatsumi Yano, and he arranged Take Me Back.  The other two songs were done by various artist.  I'm jealous that this production gets live instruments and there are composers who should be utilizing them. 

01-Rock My Love4:31
02-Night Moves4:40
04-Kanojo no Omoi4:03
05-Woman in the Dark4:35
06-Easy-Going Guy4:14
07-Take Me Back4:10
08-BayCity Battle4:29
09-More More Shiawase4:58
10-Never Say Goodbye4:45

I'll start with the songs.  Rock My Love has hip synthesizers and jazzy rock influence.  Yoki Oginome does a nice job as the vocalist.  Fitting for typical 80's and 90's themes.  I like the middle of the song where she raps.  Take Me Back is odd indeed.  It starts out more like a poem, with some bluesy strings.  Then the actually chorus and song take place with some soulful english lyrics.  I really love the arrangement of this song.  Both of the songs mentioned are very different.  They were really smart in songs styles.  Definetly not your normal beats.  Oginome also sings More More Shiawase.  Nothing attractive about the begining.  This song is more traditional in terms of songs style.  I didn't like the addition of kids singing in the chorus.  Still this does some justice to the ears.  Take Me Back definetly stands out though.

Yoko Oginome, ready to dance! This picture really has that 80's era feel.

It's time to test the series composer, the instrumentals are up.  Night Moves is hip, starting with some bass drums, and the jungle beats.  Snazzy strings and hornets carry you throughout this piece.  It stops with some nice romantic vocals.  The synthesizers and keyboards make it feel atmospheric.  An excellent piece, all the way through, as it fades out.  Death Trap begins with loud drum beats and moves in with some rocking gutiar, a great start, but the French horn rips in.  That is what scares me about jazz.  It always reminds me of someone ripping a big one.  It's a long track, kind of too long.  Yano plays around alot in this one.  Exactly at the middle of track, it sounds like its skipping, but not.  That was well put, and then starts back up again. 

Forth track isn't all that special.  This is really couples music here.  Even with a date, I wouldn't put on, but it may put that "falling in love" mood for the women.  Too much jazz club themes.  Violins are added for extra sweetness.  I like the drums, but doesn't help me like it much.  Easy Going Guy is also for dance clubs.  Takes you back to old west, and yet it its as modern the those jazz clubs still available today.  Not my cup of tea, though.  Woman in the Dark is a sweet rock melody.  Very entrancing.  Yano doesn't go far at all with trumpets and horns.  Keyboards are well used for a nice ring in your head.  It calls for repition like Night Moves.  The dog-like guitar arrangement was wierd but good.

 Baycity Battle gets into it right away.  Again, with those annoying horns ripping it out loud, but damn if this track isn't so rocking.  Guitars in the backround can be in the way.  This is like battle in a casino.  Nicely done anthemic ambience. Never Say Goodbye literally sounds like your turning on your Playstation.  Piano's and violins rule this moody track.  Vocal chorus and drums are a plus.  An excellent finish. 

I'm really happy with this purchase.  There were alot of things that I'm against in music, but Tatsumi Yano does a nice job in attracting me to his style.  He might make it to my favorite composer list.  I just need more of his cds and he doesn't have much outside City Hunter.

This CD deserves an A for outstanding music, orchestra, and songs.  Quality of tracks of are very high, but not a whole lot of variety.  Quantity is about fair.  In terms of the packaging, a 6/10 is fair.  Jewel case is basically empty without cd and booklet.  There is no back cover.  The booklet is the reason for the high package rating.  Booklet cover is nice, but doesn't stand out.  Credits are laid out well and we get director and producer comments.  Each song gets fleshed out on the pages.  The score above is enough warrant for you to obtain this cd.  It's not rare at all. 

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