Tuesday, November 13, 2012

My Boy Friend

Included in the forth volume VHS of the Hoshineku Full House series is this little single.  Published by the Walkers Company Inc.  Vocals again from the talent group known as LISP, which have not appeared again till recently only on another soundtrack done by Nagaoka.  I'm not sure if they are the same people though.  A chorus joins in this time, name MILK, but no details on what the name comprises of.

01My Boy Friend4:28
Disc length 9:05

My Boy Friend takes the lead as being the fun song with its amazing opener.  Certainly a huge touch of jazz is inserted for this one.  LISP stand out more and each singer can be heard even when singing together.  Despite the girly title, I don't feel it as being singled out for the female audience.  Second song is composed by Hitomi Kuroishi, so it feels a little more conservative in terms of music and pace.  Drums, vocals, and bass guitar are pretty laid back, which give off a romantic love feeling without pushing it too far as such. Both songs are pretty similar to each other, and definitely have a different tone then the singles from vol. 3.   Nagaoka's own composition and arrangement for the first song is certainly stronger then his last in vol. 3, Dancin' Twilight. 

Remember, this is the artists first real gig, at least as a solo artist.  Before this it was a few image albums that seemed to be like he was shadowing or interning as for experience.  I did not expect much difference in song making here, but behold there are some marked improvements.  Specifically in Nagoaka's control of the vocals.  Same vocalists but they feel more matured here and while the three vocalists of LISP sing over each other for most of the songs, each singer has a chance to take a few verses individually.  There is no fear of high notes being struck bad or at all, and no problem with the cute sounds of the synth board overlapping the vocals.  So I'm intrigued by how well Mr. Nagaoka has leveled his instrumentation and vocalists.  I still place Honeymoon as the best song of the four.  There is fortunately enough consistency between all of them.  Both single discs are worth the place in anyone's collection large or small.  

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