Monday, June 6, 2011


 As I delve deeper into the giant music library of Seikou Nagaoka, I come across this lonely single.  Sitting on the hands of someone who clearly has no reason to hold on to it, I grab it off his hands.  As far as I can tell, this is Seikou's first venture as a solo artist.  He is the sound producer here, yet wasn't for his works on the Kabuto soundtrack, which happened a year later.  Judging by the cover, I assumed that these songs would be cutesy.  Being afraid so that I deafened my ears for what was held on this 8cm disc. 

Disc length 8:50
First second playing, was a delightful percussion ringing through my mind.  Soon those annoying high pitched tones join the drum line, though are not that disturbing.  Synthesizers can be easily picked up, yet still the sound quality of the snazzy brass is quite enduring.  Lisp's vocals are actually do not screech, giving a smooth listening overall.  Each of the vocalists get their turn for their solo.  I am extremely satisfied with this song.  I can highly recommend collecting this single just for this one.  He does not perform so well with songs, but does an amazing job keeping the overall tone together.
Noburo Ishiguro has written the lyrics for these lovely songs.  Looking into the name, I see he's the creator of the anime for this series.  Not just holding that title, according to animenewsnetwork, he is basically the entire staff.  From director, writer, animator, design, along with few other members of course. 
Second song does not fare so well.  It's entirely a new beast, in its own regard.  Vocal performances are much more deep and relaxing.  Dancin' Twilight is a sweet ballad, and at times can be even better than the other song.  Although Honeymoon was composed by Kazunori Seki, Mr. Nagaoka can always transform someone else's writing for the better.  However, he seems to fall short for his original music sheets, but short by a spectacle. 
Seikou shows no signs of holding back in starting his career.  I still feel that his style has not changed compared to his recent releases.  That can be good thing, as well as bad. 
There was no bother to include karaoke versions.  It would have been a great addition.  The price of "NOT FOR RESALE" would indicate that this is a bonus.  Be happy just to have the songs. I hope to find out if there is more work that Nagaoka has done for this anime, Hoshi Neko Fullhouse.  Which at animenewsnetwork, credits the series composer to someone else.  So, most likely Nagaoka has done a few songs. 
 Singles don't really deserve a package grade from me.  Their price isn't all that demanding, although compared to the digital releases of full albums today, it is. 

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